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Marketing Customized for Your Business!

Every business has unique needs and unique customers. We want to create a Strategic Marketing Plan that is unique to you!

Social Media Marketing

First, we will review your current social media channels and then determine where your customers are spending the majority of their time online. Working within your brand standard, color choices, and “feel” – we will create content, source photos, and engage with your customers.

Stragetic Marketing Planning

Planning! We believe you can’t get to where you want to be without creating a plan on how to work backwards. We will work with you to create a 3, 6 or 12-month Marketing Plan. This plan will be unique for your business and we will talk about when is the biggest time for your customers to make buying decisions (HINT: it’s almost never July!), what they find engaging, and what they want to know about you. Social Media Marketing is not all about sales – in fact, it should be less than 30% of sales! The rest is engaging with your customers. People don’t just buy a product – they buy from people. People they like and get to know.

Identify Your Customers

This is always fun! You know you have your favorite customer – the one who loves your products, who is always raving about you, and recommending you to all their friends. Let’s take a deep dive in to what makes them tick, develop an Avator, and then see if we can clone that customer. Once we identify them – let’s find out where they spend their time so we can be there too.

Testimonials – thank you!

“Winterstorm Marketing has helped my business rise to the next level. Melissa takes the time to really get to know the business she is marketing for and lays out an effective plan to accomplish all of the goals agreed upon.

Julie O’Shaunessy – Celtic By Design, Jewelry

“Every time I sit down with Melissa, I learn something new. She knows how to best cultivate useful connections and keep her B2B clients top-of-mind with prospects and colleagues. On a personal level, she is delightful to be around, early to meetings, and extremely thoughtful. I highly recommend consulting with her.”

J Ryan Williams -The Websuasion Group

“Melissa is an extremely passionate person about asking the questions needed to make the right long term decisions for your business. Her great analytical skills will win you over and she can surprise you with humor when you least expect it. You should consider here if you want something to stand out from others.”

Suzan Alexander – Prosource wholesale

Featured Work

Feeling Overwhelmed?

We all started a business to do what we love – and the best way to save money and time (and keep having fun) it is to outsource the parts of running a business that we don’t love doing. We get it! Don’t ask us about figuring out your accounting – please! – but we would love to talk with you about Marketing your business. Let’s chat!