Should I Run My Business on My Personal Facebook Page..?

One of the most popular questions we get is:  “I have a personal Facebook page, can I run my business on it?”

And the answer is always:  “No!”

While it is a really easy answer – there are several reasons.

  1.  It is against Facebook policies – and many, many people have lost both their personal and business FB pages for breaking this big no-no!
  2. Your friends have liked your Facebook page because they like you or have something in common with you, or are family members or social friends.  They didn’t become your friends to be “sold” to.  In this world where we are being hit with literally 100s (if not 1,000s!) of ads per day, the last thing we want is for our friends to slam us with ads.  Just, stop.
  3. You can’t buy advertising or promote posts on your personal FB page and most likely your FB friends are not even your ideal customers. Find your niche and use your business page to promote your business.

Your friends probably would love to know what’s going on in your life.  If you want to occasionally talk about what is exciting in your business, share a post from your business page on to your personal page and give them an update.  But keep in mind that most people believe Facebook wants not more than 20% of your personal page to be advertising.  And that FB bought Instagram, so you might want to tune up those business and personal pages too!

Just keep in my mind that your friends are your friends, not your customer base.  Keep sharing your fun times, trips, kids, pets, and favorite meals, and engage with them as the friend that they love catching up with!




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