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We see them, we use them, but are we sure why? Or if we are using them correctly? On Instagram for example where we can use 30 hashtags – this is what I recommend. Save one or two for locations. And then have one that you always use to describe your business!  #nameofyourbusinss. Always use this same hashtag in every post so that if someone is searching for you, there is a mini-page with this hashtag that they can always reference. And then think of your other hashtags in 3 categories that get more specific. I like to think of it as thinking about what you are having for dinner. The biggest category would be FOOD, which more people will go to because it is less specific, but your post may get lost in there. The next is ITALIAN – less people might check out that hashtag, but you will stand out more. And then PIZZA – this is the most specific, so less people might be thinking of pizza but you will be more visible. Insurance – Life Insurance – Whole Life. Doctor – Orthopedics – Orthopedic Surgeon. This is for IG – each platform works differently with hashtags – let me know if you have questions!

Time to Plan

How many of us have a hit a deadline and said “why didn’t I work on this when I had a time,,?’ There are whole TikTok threads on it, so I know it’s not just me! With Marketing, we should be creating our 2023 Marketing calendar now. We should include important dates, fun holidays, and things that we know is important to the customers of our specific industry. (quarterly deadlines for bookkeepers, Pi day for bakeries). It’s always easier to have a plan and work backwards! TikTok doesn’t lie! 

“Don’t work with kids or pets!”

You know how actors always say “don’t work with kids and animals because they will steal your scenes?” Well – the same is true on Social Media. If you don’t know what to post – kids and animals will always get attention to your page. Because they are relatable, everyone loves kids and animals, and you can use them to tell your story while inviting your followers to share their pics in the comments on your FB page. Especially over the holiday season while people are a little less business-focused, and a little more nostalgia-focused. (oh, and meet my new “Lovey!”)

Do you know what your clients eat for breakfast?

When I started my company 5 years ago, I was meeting with a client who sold unique jewelry. One of my first questions was “so – who is your ideal client” and she said “women.” Um, I need more. “Women who have money.” Still more! It didn’t occur to me that business owners wouldn’t know who their ideal client is! My favorite subjects in college (#USF #hornsup !) were Behaviorial Anthropology and the study of why people do what they do. So we did a deep dive and discovered her ideal client was someone hip, who is very outgoing, who likes people to “see” her and notice what she is wearing, who will not scrimp on wearing a showpiece and is very involved in environmental issues. And that was perfect for my jewelry salesperson who works with big colorful pieces that have a charity story behind them. Have you done a deep dive on your customer avatar lately? It’s SO much fun!

Don’t go it alone!

Marketing – you probably feel like you are going it alone. Do you know you don’t have to..? Have you thought about collaborating with other businesses to co-market? It could be as simple as leaving your flyers/business cards in neighboring businesses and letting them put their information in your office. Or you could plan an Open House with 8-10 local businesses and invite all of your clients to come in for hors d’oeuvres and a raffle prize. (hint: find a catering company who will provide the hors d’oeuvres at a good price in exchange for advertising their brand). Consider doing a FB Live with a business that is complementary to your business – and create it as an Event on both of your facebook pages. (Small Business Attorney and Accountant. Boutique and Restaurant) How are you planning to co-market your business this Spring? Have questions – I have a ton of ideas!